Over the past few weeks we have been busy enhancing some of the core functionality that your team is using daily when managing customer orders and payments through Savvi.

Starting from now these updates are available to all accounts, including trial accounts.

From faster workflows and linking customers, and to multi-channel payment requests, here is the brief round-up:

Speed and simplicity

As a rule of thumb, we believe in keeping things simple - while also helping your team to get from A to B as effectively as possible. To that end we have implemented several updates to the layout and performance of Savvi to help get the job done even faster, while also retaining the ease of use and simplicity that many of you have told us you really like.

Know your customer

Many of you asked that we make it possible to link a customer record to each payment request. So from today it is now possible to create a customer record, search for an existing customer, and edit or delete their details (depending on user role). We have also updated the roles & permissions information in our help centre to summarise how this works.

Multi-channel payment requests

Many of you requested to share a link via email, whatsapp, facebook or other channels (in addition to SMS for phone orders). So we have redesigned this workflow and made it even simpler to take payments across your messaging channels. No need to add a phone number if you don’t need to, just copy and paste the link into an email.

Richer order summaries

View more details of each payment request, including customer name, order number, notes (ie. order details), and who created the request.

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