How do I invite teammates to join our Savvi account?

Inviting teammates to join your Savvi account is as simple asĀ 

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Team tab
  3. Click on the Invite teammates button

Next simply:

  1. Add teammates' name
  2. Add their email
  3. Select their permission settings (users vs manager)*
  4. Send the invite

How do user permissions work?

It is important to consider the user permissions that you want to assign per user before sending the invite.

Users can only see the orders and payment requests that they make themselves
Managers can see all orders and payment requests across the organisation

May 2020 update: Everyone can create customer profiles, but only Managers & Admin roles can update customer profiles.

What if I want to change user permissions later on?

You can change user roles from regular users to managers, or vice versa. All from the settings menu. That way a teammate can start as a user with limited access, and later be given access to the full account.

Simply select the role from the dropdown menu.

Changes are then saved automatically, and the user will see the change in permissions the next time they refresh the web session (ie. reload the page) or login to the service.

Are there are any limits to how many teammates I can invite?

There are no limits to how many teammates you can invite to join your company's Savvi account.

However, there is a limit of 20 pending invitations at any one time.

If you need to invite more than 20 teammates at one time, please contact support and we will assist you in removing this limit for your account.

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